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Combo Excelsior benefits

Outstanding performance

The Combo Excelsior® is strong and durable: its double wall structure enables a 1500kg unit load and a stack load of 8000kg (4 on 1). Maximum safety when stacked full thanks to the T shaped locking system between sides and ends and the smooth double wall lid, self- locking, water-tight and featuring straps locations.

The best logistics solution for maximised profitability

The Combo Excelsior® standard footprint 1000 L capacity and 3200kg dynamic load ensure optimised payload in road and railroad transportation. The best folding ratio on the market: with only 341 mm incremental folded height, 7 folded Combo fit in a standard truck reducing reverse logistics cost and lowering environmental impact.

Improved handling and labor saving

Easily erected and folded by one operator only: unique side walls locking while erecting enable one operator to handle the Combo Excelsior®. Non sequential folding saves time and labour. Improved ergonomics and set up: the large easy to open and self locking drop door on front combines easy operator access zone while maintaining the panel strength thanks to it’s V shape. Improved bottom discharge zone speeds up the liner and valve set up and removal: larger access and easy connection design for most valves on the market. Faster removal thanks to easy valve release system. Dustcover on discharge zone ensures maximised hygiene during empty logistics and handling.

The most hygienic and safe foldable IBC

100% safe, easy to clean design from base to lid. No dirt or water traps, bugs and needle contamination proof. 100% smooth and double wall sturdy design increases internal volume and ensures compatibility with high speed filling processes. Fork tine guides on base, strong three skids base and anti-slip plugs reinforce safety and speed handling.

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Combo Excelsior® specifications

  • 5602.200 - 1000L

    4301.400 - 836 L

    Technical data:

    • Ext. (mm)
    • 1219 x 1016 x 1133
    • Int. (mm)
    • 1142 x 935 x 943
    • Runners
    • 1208 x 1005
    • Weight (Kg)
    • 90.0
    • Folded height (mm)
    • 341
    • Stacked height (mm)
    • 1113
    • Folding ratio
    • 70.00 %
  • 5602.200 - 1000L

    4301.400 - 836 L

    Mechanical performances:

    • Unit load
    • 1500 kg
    • Stack load:
    • 8000 kg (4/1)
    • Dynamic load:
    • 3200 kg (1/1)
  • 5602.200 - 1000L

    4301.400 - 836 L


    • Solid walls
    • Reinforced solid smooth base
    • 3 runners
    • Lid included
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